Colin Firth May Play The Villain In Oldboy Remake, In What Can Only Be Described As A Dick Move, Would Imprison Josh Brolin For 15 Years

Until I am able to sit down and watch the actual movie for myself, I am going to remain highly skeptical of Spike Lee’s remake of Park Chan-wook’s 2003 revenge drama, “Oldboy”. This is just who I am, I’m a skeptical pessimist, I’ve come to terms with this fact. That said, the reinterpretation, reinvention, or whatever the hell you want to call it, is compiling a solid list of actors. Not only big names, but big names with the talent to back it up. The latest casting news has an offer being made to last year’s Academy Award-winner, Colin Firth.

Reports indicate that Firth could play the villain role, which, if you’re familiar with the story of “Oldboy”, means that he would imprison Josh Brolin’s character for 15 years with no explanation. If this comes to fruition, it would be a departure for Firth, who usually plays romantic leads, charmers, good guys, and general handsome dudes. While I was bored silly for most of “The King’s Speech”, Firth was incredible as King George VI. He’s a great actor at the top of his game, one who can get dark and weird when he needs to (check out his role in the short “Steve” to see what I mean), and it will be awesome to see him as a bad guy.

The prospect of an actor’s sparring match between Firth and Brolin is enough to get me at least a little excited for what I generally consider an unnecessary remake. But no one asked me, and no matter my feelings on the matter, “Oldboy” appears to be inevitable. At least they’re stocking the film with actors I have faith in. The idea of Steven Spielberg and Will Smith at the controls still gives me nightmares.

Via : Twitch