Colin Firth Wants Nothing to Do with this Oldboy

“King’s Speech” star Colin Firth wants nothing to do with Spike Lee’s remake of the South Korean thriller “Oldboy”, it appears.

According to Twitch, the actor, who was said to have been offered the role of the film’s villain if he wants it, has turned down the chance to lock up Josh Brolin for 15 years. Oh well.

Which, of course, leaves room for Lee and company to pursue Christian Bale, who, let’s face it, would absolutely devastate this role. Bale plays a good hero, but man, he plays a meaner bad guy. A crazy ass, mean bad guy. Granted, that’s not really what the role calls for, but who says you can’t “re-interpret” the role differently? Mind as well if you’re going to remake a film that doesn’t need to be remade in the first place.

Colin Firth