Collin Chou to Star in a New Wachowski Movie

Collin Chou has done a buttload of Hong Kong martial arts movies in his native Asia, but he’s probably most well-known (if he’s known at all) to Western fans as the guy who the Wachowskis got to play the Jet Li part that Jet Li turned down in the two final “Matrix” movies. But according to Chou, the Wachowskis are now planning a “top-secret” movie that they are writing for him to star. What could it be? Does this have anything to do with the ninja movie that the Wachowskis are doing with Korean actor Rain? So many questions, so few answers.


Taiwanese action star Collin Chou, best known in the U.S. for playing Seraph in “Matrix Revolutions” and “Matrix “Reloaded,” revealed to MTV News that he has signed on to a top-secret project the trippy filmmakers hope to begin after “Speed Racer.”

The high-kicking Chou will soon be seen opposite Jackie Chan and Jet Li, appearing as the villainous Jade War Lord in April 18’s damn fine kung fu flick “The Forbidden Kingdom.” Following that film’s release, Chou will continue talking with the Wachowskis as they develop their unnamed script with him in mind.

Chou will be making further inroads into Hollywood by co-starring in the Jet Li/Jackie Chan epic “The Forbidden Kingdom”.

Collin Chou to Star in a New Wachowski Movie