Colorful New Poster for the Hong Kong Comedy Mr. and Mrs. Incredible

In order to make sure that everyone and their nerdy grandmothers are clued into the existence of the forthcoming Hong Kong action flick “Mr. and Mrs. Incredible” — which stars Sandra Ng and Louis Koo as a costume-wearing, crime-fighting couple — yet another poster has been unleashed upon prospective audiences. The film has been described as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” meets “The Incredible”, although I’m sure you could have easily made that brilliant deduction by simply examining the picture’s title. Regardless, the project certainly has potential, and I’m actually looking forward to seeing this thing when (and if) someone decides to pick it up for Stateside distribution. One can only hope.

“Mr. and Mrs. Incredible” is set for release in Hong Kong on January 31st, 2011. After taking a gander at the new poster, silently thank Film Smash for providing the goodies.