Columbia Drops Garth Ennis’ The Boys and Mortal Instruments

The Boys Comic Book Cover Looks like Columbia is doing a little housecleaning.

After working on the movie adaptation of Garth Ennis’ uber violent comic book “The Boys”, and at one point even talking with Adam McKay to direct, the studio has now decided to drop the movie, and will no longer be involved. Which is not too big of a surprise. “The Boys” would never have made that great of a movie since in order to actually adapt it, it would have meant watering it down so much that it would have been unrecognizable anyway. Sorta like what Summit did to Warren Ellis’ “Red”. If you were to pick up the comic book from which the Bruce Willis action-comedy was based on, you’d be shocked at how different they are.

Of course, this doesn’t mean “The Boys” are dead, it just means, well, it’s going to have to find a new home. The premise is still very solid: a CIA-sanctioned squad monitors and, when necessary, puts the smack down on the world’s many superheroes, since in the Ennis comics, the superheroes (aka the good guys) are usually more violent, perverted, and dangerous than the “bad guys”. I could see someone taking that premise and removing most of the sleaze (like, say, 90%?) and getting a movie made. But then, would it still be “The Boys?”

Meanwhile, Columbia’s sister shingle Screen Gems has also decided to jettisoned “Mortal Instruments”, the would-be teen-friendly franchise based on the YA series of novels by Cassandra Clare. “Instruments” was one of those books that was picked up after “Twilight” hit it big, and even got so far as to get actors attached: Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower were to play the leads, while “Legion’s” Scott Stewart was supposed to direct.

Well, Stewart is now off the picture, and is currently too busy working on the just-announced TV version of “Legion” for the Syfy Channel.

Chances are “Mortal Instruments” will still get made, but it’ll have to do it without Screen Gems’ money.

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Via : THR