Columbia Picks up Kathryn Bigelow’s Osama Bin Laden Movie

Kathryn Bigelow had previously teamed up with her “Hurt Locker” writer/producer Mark Boal to make a movie about a failed hunt for Osama Bin Laden. That was, of course, before OBL was found and received a cap busted upon his buttocks by SEAL Team Six. That sort of made Bigelow’s movie a tad superfluous. Or did it? Not really. Bigelow has since cast Joel Edgerton as one of the commandos, and now Columbia has officially picked up the film’s U.S. rights.

Word is, Bigelow and Boal will “incorporate” the actual killing of Bin Laden into their script. It’s unclear if that means completely overhauling their original plans for the movie, i.e. the failed search for the Al Qaeda leader. I guess we’ll see in 2012.

The film, tentatively titled “Kill Bin Laden”, is scheduled to go into production this Summer. Of course, before that happens, Bigelow will have to cast her commandos first.

After this, here’s hoping she leaves war behind for something else. She’s too talented to spend all her time on war movies.

"I swear, George W. Bush made me do it. Honest. He's EEEEEEEEVIL."