Columbia Pictures Kick Starts a Karate Kid Sequel

When you hear actors, directors, and producers start blabbing about a “sequel” (or if they’re really feeling their oats, “a trilogy” — who isn’t making a wannabe trilogy nowadays?) before their film even opens, you can usually dismiss it as just optimism and a low-rent attempt to generate good word of mouth about a movie. “See, our film is so good, we’re already talking about doing a sequel! A trilogy, even!”

Of course, once a movie opens to the tune of $56 million from a meager Hollywood budget of $40 million, then talks of a sequel can be taken a little bit more seriously. Such is the state of “The Karate Kid” remake. The film’s #1 box office status in its first week has already gotten the suits over at Columbia Pictures meeting with writers to hear sequel pitches.

Obviously you can count on Jackie Chan coming back. After all, Jackie came back for “Rush Hour 3”, for God’s sake, it’s not like he’s been known to turn down a paycheck or two. Or a dozen…

'Jackie approves of hastily put together sequel to unnecessary remake! Cha-ching!'