Columbia Pictures Kick Starts a Karate Kid Sequel


When you hear actors, directors, and producers start blabbing about a “sequel” (or if they’re really feeling their oats, “a trilogy” — who isn’t making a wannabe trilogy nowadays?) before their film even opens, you can usually dismiss it as just optimism and a low-rent attempt to generate good word of mouth about a movie. “See, our film is so good, we’re already talking about doing a sequel! A trilogy, even!”

Of course, once a movie opens to the tune of $56 million from a meager Hollywood budget of $40 million, then talks of a sequel can be taken a little bit more seriously. Such is the state of “The Karate Kid” remake. The film’s #1 box office status in its first week has already gotten the suits over at Columbia Pictures meeting with writers to hear sequel pitches.

Obviously you can count on Jackie Chan coming back. After all, Jackie came back for “Rush Hour 3″, for God’s sake, it’s not like he’s been known to turn down a paycheck or two. Or a dozen…

'Jackie approves of hastily put together sequel to unnecessary remake! Cha-ching!'

Author: Nix

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  • Tana

    i just saw karate kid andomg i loved karate kid it was hands down one of the best movies i have ever saw it had every factor in it it had romance action and comedy man did it have comedy i laughed halfway though the movie jaden smith was phenomenal i mean when he cryed it felt real when he laughed it was heartwarming Jackie Chan was remarkable when he cryed i cryed i thought he would be bad from all the years of no acting but it was just marvelous i don't know why this movie was so good to me i just wished i could watch it again and again and at the end they play never say never omg that is just half of what i want to say i am sleepy so I'm gonna wrap this up go see the movie it might not be as good for you but man you have to just try it out i mean look and jaden and his six pack sooooo sexy and i felt like a child malester thinking that but i had to remember he was short and he is actually 12(im 13) plus he can do a split omg ok ok ok im gonna sop wasting your time so you can go see the movie

  • Majinnic

    I can honestly say i was disappointed when i first saw the previews of the remake, i was thinking awww another dang remake.. So my girlfriend made me go see it and to my surprise it was the best movie i have seen in years good job guys. I like the fact how they turned things around a bit, had the same idea as the original but more realistic. And the fact it was kung-fu, i didnt understand why they called it the karate kid.. If they make a sequel i am there for sure on opening week…. Now if they can make the Dragonball movie , i mean remake that crap i saw last year i would be a happy man….