Comic Book Videos: Blue Beetle Footage, Avengers Cartoon

Remember that “Blue Beetle” TV show that DC has been trying to get off the ground? We posted stills from it a while back, and the footage was shown this weekend over at Comic Con. The character of the Blue Beetle himself will be making a guest appearance on the CW’s “Smallville” TV show this year, but it’s anybody’s guess if he’ll look like the one in the footage below, or if he’ll be just another rushed looking superhero like, well, most of the superheroes that end up on that show. DC has now released the actual scene from the test footage that they shot. What do you think?

Also, “The Avengers” will be assembling on the big screen in 2012, but before that, they’ll be doing likewise on the small screen in Disney XD’s new animated “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” TV series. Check out a trailer for it below. The opening theme sucks, but the animation looks pretty good for a kiddie TV show. Coming in the Fall.