Comic Books on TV News: Lucy Punch in Powers, Goyer Adapting 100 Bullets

Two major comic book-on-TV news today:

The first has Lucy Punch (who will be seen in the upcoming raunchy comedy “Bad Teacher” with Cameron Diaz (she’s the good one)) signing up to play Deena Pilgrim in the FX Channel’s upcoming adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s “Powers”. “Friday Night Lights'” Kyle Chandler was recently offered the male lead, Christian Walker, but it’s unknown if he’s accepted it or turned it down for a movie career (he was recently in “Super 8”). The article doesn’t even mention him, so I’m guessing he might have taken a flyer on the gig.

The show would focus on a pair of powerless Homicide cops that specializes in crimes involving people with powers, hence the title, and is slated to shoot mid-summer in Chicago. Which means they best either get Chandler all signed up or find a replacement soon.

Over at Showtime, go-to comic book adaptation guy David S. Goyer has gotten his hands on another comic book property. This time, the “Batman Begins” and “Blade” writer will adapt Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s “100 Bullets” into a potential TV series for the cable network Showtime. I’ve seen “100 Bullets” on the stands every now and then, but never actually picked it up. Here’s a quick rundown of the plot:

While lauded as one of the best comic books/graphic novels of the past decade 100 Bullets is an atypical comic as it features no superheroes, magic, supernatural elements or a sci-fi twist. It is a dark, noir-style story about the attempt by one man, the mysterious Agent Graves, to destroy a secret group of families that control most of the world’s wealth and power, and it also poses a classic moral question, “If you could get away with murdering the person who ruined your life, would you do it?” The book’s starting-off point is Graves giving ordinary people who have been wronged a pistol and a briefcase with 100 untracable bullets, offering them to exact justice for themselves with no danger of being caught. The self-contained storylines eventually blend into a sprawling crime saga where everything — and everyone — is connected as Graves takes on a multinational clandestine organization named The Trust.

100 issues of “100 Bullets” was published between 1999 and 2009.