Comic Con ’09 Coverage: Spartacus Panel

This was one of the panels at Comic-Con that I was most curious about. You’ve probably heard all the stories, since we’ve been covering the Starz show from Day 1. It’s not supposed to be your father’s Spartacus. Bloody violence, sex, nudity — all that good stuff they couldn’t have gotten away with if they were on network TV or syndication. And after having seen an extended trailer from the show at the Spartacus: Blood and Sand panel, I can safely say that Yes, I think they were right to make those promises. This really isn’t my father’s Spartacus, and oh hell yeah this thing has tons of bloody violence, nudity, and sex.

The panel was attended by castmembers Lucy Lawless (she plays Lucretia, the scheming wife (Lawless describes her as Lady MacBeth) of the guy who runs the Gladiator training facility known as the Ludus), Erin Cummings (she plays Sura, Spartacus’ wife), Peter Mensah (Doctore, the gladiator’s trainer), and executive producers Rob Tapert and Steven S. DeKnight, also the show’s writer.

Here’s a quick teaser that Starz recently released:

The one thing you got from the trailer they showed, and confirmed by actresses Lucy Lawless and Erin Cummings in their statements, is that this thing is loaded with sex and violence. It also looks a hell of a lot like Zack Snyder’s “300”, but with more than one scene of Queen Gorgo getting her freak on. And we’re not talking about Melrose Place-type sex. According to Lawless, there is full-frontal nudity by both the men and women, and it’s pretty graphic sex, too. What I’m trying to say is, don’t watch this show with your parents or kids.

Some random tidbits include Lawless almost not signing up because she didn’t want to move her family from America now that they’ve settled, and Erin Cummings apparently flunking out of the show’s gladiator school for the actors despite talking a good game.

The show will consist of 13 episodes per season and premiere on the pay channel Starz in January 2010.

And hey, what’s this? Yup, the trailer that was shown to us, blood, guts, sex, and nudity and everything, is now up at Starz’s YouTube channel. Wonder how they got this thing up there without an age gateway…