Comic-Con ’09 Coverage: Wednesday Preview Night Snapshots

So what was the most important lesson I learned at Comic-Con ’09, my very first geek fest? Easy: I need a better camera. Using my iPhone to snap pictures is a waste of time. Take a look at the monstrosities I have to show you below and I think you’ll agree with me. Sure, a couple of them aren’t bad, but for the most part — dear God, I should have brought an honest to goodness digital camera. After all, if I’m going to walk around the place with a “Press” badge, mind as well look like it, right? Anyways, nothing to tell from tonight’s Comic-Con, it’s Wednesday, you go to pick up your badge and scan the commerce, maybe get some autographs, and try to pretend you’re not ogling that former Playboy Playmate who for some reason is signing autographs at Comic-Con. Lots of booths with lots of trailers, though. Oh yeah, that’s another thing: I should have upgraded my iPhone to the one with a video camera. Curses.

So here’s what greeted me outside the Comic-Con building when I arrived at 4:00 (San Diego time). Lines and lines of people waiting to pick up their pass. Luckily, press people didn’t have to wait too long. Gee, we’re so special. I would have snapped some pictures of the people already waiting outside Hall H to get in to see the “Twilight: New Moon” panel, but I didn’t have the heart.

Inside the main show floor, there were too many booths to visit. But I did manage to show up at a couple of them. Being that I’m new to Comic-Con, I had no idea all the big movies and shows were already showing their exclusive Comic-Con clips and trailers. And here I thought these were all saved for the big panels later on. Not so much, apparently. Also, I suddenly wished I had upgraded to the new iPhone with a video camera. Double curses.

Starting with the Heroes booth, which looked more like a car show. The models in cheerleader uniforms were cute, though. And yes, I forgot to snap pictures of them. Sorry, I’m an idiot.

My really shitty attempt to take a picture of the “Jonah Hex” poster:

The “Twilight New Moon” booth. I would have stayed longer and snapped some more shots but the teens and their moms scared me, so I hurried away.

Hey, look, it’s Bumblebee from “Transformers 2”!

Marvel’s booth for the “Iron Man 2” game: