Comic Con Posters for Man of Steel and Godzilla

Superman: Man of Steel (2013) Movie Poster

It took a while, but Warner Bros. has finally released the Comic Con poster for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” in time to the film’s panel at the annual shindig. So? What do you think?

Meanwhile, the big news from the panel (courtesy of is that you can expect to get your first glimpse of the “Man of Steel” teaser trailer when it shows in front of “The Dark Knight Rises” next week. As for a Justice League tie-in of any sort whatsoever, forget about it, they’re apparently not even thinking that far ahead (which makes sense, given that “Man of Steel” was in production before “The Avengers” blew up the universe). And finally, there will be no John Williams score; instead, Hans Zimmer will “create a completely new score” to distinguish “Man of Steel” from the other Superman movies of the past.

Legendary Pictures, meanwhile, has unleashed a teaser poster for their upcoming “Godzilla”, along with a teaser trailer at the panel.

The film is coming to you courtesy of “Monsters” director Gareth Edwards, which is helpfully noted in the poster. As for everything else, your guess is as good as mine unless you saw the Comic Con footage. Hopefully we’ll get our own glimpse soon.

Godzilla (2014) Movie Poster