Nifty Comic Strip Ads for Shaun Piccinino’s Action Flick The Lackey

If you’re going to promote your indie flick, you’d better do something memorable. That’s precisely what director Shaun Piccinino and company are attempting to do with these comic strip ads for their upcoming actioner “The Lackey”. It’s a pretty slick alternative to the same old one-sheets, and they certainly leave an impression. Can’t wait to check this one out.

Take a peek or two at this synopsis:

In this Guy Ritchie-like action flick, JUDE ST. CLERE discovers he has a daughter by his junkie ex-girlfriend. He vows to take care of her and leave his shadowed past behind him. Completely broke and with his daughter starving, he reluctantly takes on one last job which quickly entwines him dead smack in the middle of a bloody mob war. Knowing that his chances of making it out alive are slim, he plunges in guns blazing – because sometimes the only way out is to go all in.

“The Lackey”, which stars Shaun Piccinino, Rickey Bird, Orlando McGuire, David Pires, Guy A. Grundy, Jeremy Dunn, Sonny Sison, DT Carney, and Vernon “Circuitry Man” Wells, currently resides towards the top of my highly-anticipated list. Before perusing the comic strip ads, have a look at the trailer. It’s well worth your time. For more information about the flick and its upcoming release, be sure to stop by the official Facebook page.