Community Soup Guy Joel McHale in Spy Kids 4

Making fun of stupid people on dumb reality TV shows has its advantages. Of course, it helps that Joel McHale is also talented, too, and is currently fronting the NBC show “Commnity”.

On the big screen, McHale will be getting hitched to Jessica Alba in Robert Rodriguez’s fourth “Spy Kids” movie, “All the Time in the World”.

In the movie, McHale will play a spy-hunting journalist who doesn’t realize he’s married to a former spy in Jessica Alba, currently mothering his two kids. Chances are he’ll find out when Alba is recalled into active duty when a villain from her past, The Time Keeper, shows up to do bad stuff like, you know, mess with time and such.

Hilarity, no doubt, ensues.

Joel McHale practices for his kissing scenes with Jessica Alba.