Conan O’Brien Reviews Tomb Raider and Totally Pervs Out on Lara Croft

Conan O'Brien

Every now and then I’ll be flipping through the channels and land on Conan O’Brien … and I’ll usually keep changing the channel to something else cause I just don’t enjoy watching celebrities hawk their shit on TV as much as I used to, say, 20 years ago. But last night I was lucky enough to catch O’Brien do another one of this Clueless Gamer segments.

If you don’t know what Clueless Gamer is, it’s O’Brien taking about, oh, 5-7 minutes (depending on how much fun the segment is) to review a new game. Of course it’s a big ol XBox in-show advertisement that probably nets the show a pretty penny, but it’s done in such a funny way that you don’t care/notice, unless you’re like me and you notice this stuff.

(O’Brien previously reviewed “Halo”, which was pretty funny, too, and I’ve added that review below as well.)

The set-up is that O’Brien is not a gamer. In fact, as he introduces the segments, he lets you know that he doesn’t even enjoy playing games. Which, well, makes the segments kinda hilarious because while we all think of O’Brien as the “hip, cool talk show host” of the bunch, he actually kinda comes across as a cranky old man during the reviews. A funny, snarky, pervy cranky old man, that is.

Here he is reviewing “Tomb Raider”:

And here’s O’Brien’s review of “Halo”. Towards the end, O’Brien beats his own in-game character senseless, then proceeds to chase Andy Richter’s. (Both guys did voices for “Halo”, and actually appears in the game as soldiers.)