Concept Art for The Crow Reboot with Bradley Cooper is the Opposite of Impressive


The Crow Reboot Concept Art with Bradley Cooper

Granted, these are just concept artwork — for a very specific actor, no less — but still, couldn’t they have looked — I don’t know — better? The artwork is from Diego Latorre, who has apparently worked on The Hulk for Marvel and Batman for D.C. The idea, it seems, is to show the suits what Bradley Cooper is supposed to look like in the would-be reboot that is no longer rebooting, since Cooper and would-be director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo have since flown the coop.

Again, you obviously can’t judge a movie by what some artist whipped up, but drawing Cooper’s face into the Crow imagery, for some reason, just doesn’t seem to work for me. Maybe they could have hit up James O’Barr and see what he could come up with. Was that too much to ask?

But maybe I’m just being too rough here. After all, I never liked the idea of remaking “The Crow” to begin with, and these concept artwork certainly does nothing to change my mind whatsoever. If anything, they’ve just strengthened my resolve that the film should NOT be remade. Too bad Hollywood will eventually remake it sooner or later. Thems the way of Hollywood these days, alas.

The Crow Reboot Concept Art with Bradley CooperThe Crow Reboot Concept Art with Bradley CooperThe Crow Reboot Concept Art with Bradley CooperThe Crow Reboot Concept Art with Bradley CooperThe Crow Reboot Concept Art with Bradley Cooper

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Author: Nix

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  • Zeroshot

    fuckin DUMB!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with everything except the one with the guitar in it. I think that actually looks kind of cool. I do feel however that someone like Stuart Townsend was born for these images.

    • Dedpool

      I think you’re right about the look, it should be markedly different from the preivious incarnations (One of the reasons I like “The Crow: Salvation was because it was a departure from the look, and formula that came before, so was “Wicked Prayer” to a point but they just ruined that). I really don’t think this shoudl be an Eric Draven tale, and I really don’t see Cooper in the role. Stuart Townsend yes, But then again having someone that DOESN’T look like what we normally associate with it could work. However I still think they should’ve changed the race, or at least the sex of the character and give us something we’ve never seen before. I have like three Crow stories, one written, two as ideas and they’re ALL better than retelling Eric Draven’s story again. Get Michelle Rodriguez in the title role, or Zoey Saldana, Or Harold Perrineau, or Anthony Mackie, or Oscar Isaac

  • Tin Hoang

    as soon as cooper opens his mouth to deliver a line, the entire movie will be ruined.

  • Ralph Renteria

    i agree 100% this movie should not be re-made, siriusly somebody nees to do some face stabbin hollywood cuz day cant com up wit some original good shit

  • guest

    He looks like that idiot Chris Angel!!! For the love of God and Brandon Lee, I hope it doesn’t go any further than this stupid artwork.

  • X_p

    terrible terrible terrible, horrible horrible horrible everywhere, all and around.

  • Moviemaker

    I also HATE the idea of a “remake.” These drawings aren’t too bad, though. I like a few. The thing that bothers me most about a remake of Miramax’s Brandon Lee film, is that the Crow is a story that can be REMADE ORIGINALLY, and continued because the mythos is set-up that way, DUH!! Eric Draven’s story has passed, and just like “The Crow: Wicked Prayer” They could focus on a new character (Just as long as it isn’t as crappy as wicked prayer was……) Come on Hollywood!!

    • Dedpool

      But “Wiked Prayer” sucked, “Salvation” was a much better sequel. Prayer had a good story but was weak.
      Sent on the go!

      —– Reply message —–

  • GuyNamedSean

    I agree with a notion to make more Crow movies. I love the franchise, except Wicked Prayer. The original was amazing. City of Angels was good. Ashe wasn’t a great Crow and the ending was a little lame, but the story over all was good. Salvation was almost as great as the original. Alex was as funny as Eric, but as ruthless as Ashe. Just the kinda character I like. Wicked Prayer… I got half an hour in and gave up on it. I didn’t even see Jimmy as the Crow. I didn’t want to. A remake? No. Continue the franchise, but I don’t like remakes. Plus, I can never see Bradley Cooper as the Crow. Ever. He doesn’t look right. Eric was a rock star. Ashe was a biker. Alex was demented, alongside everyone else in that movie. They all looked great in trench coats. Bradley Cooper can’t do that look. Giving the Crow a new look is something I’m all for, but it has to stay in the guide lines. It must look right in the paint and coat. Copper doesn’t.

  • Dedpool

    Agreed on all points except the styaing within the guidelines. There are no real guidelines. The make up, if that’s what the current Crow avatar decides to go with should in my opinion be somewhat unique to each person as is their situation, but have some similarity (white and black with some symbolism), as the comics don’t all have them doing the Comedy mask paint (“Crow: Flesh and Blood” has the female bearer painting an actual crow on her face with the wings covering the eyes and the tail covering the nose), and the clothes are also situational. I don’t think everyone needs the trench even though it looks great. Again “Flesh and Blood” no trench but yes she wore black leather. Is that a necessity, not in my opinion. “Salvation” had the protagonist in a prison jumpsuit. All this brings me back to why i think changing the time period, sex, and race would add to this franchise. Setting in the past would allow for a completely different look, while setting it int he future would make it even more distinct. I personally would love a Western Crow tale.

  • Chris

    I’m kind of going through mixed emotians with this idea of the remake, on one hand I don’t like the idea of them just repeating the same story from the Alex Proyas film in1994 and drawing peoples’ attention ( particularly today’s fucked up youth ) away from the original classic which was part of my childhood . Where as on the other hand, looking at alot of this concept art I can’t help but think that if they took more in the direction of the graphic novel written by James O’Barr with a look at the realm of the dead as well as just the realm of the living and with a more poetic style it could actaully work as a film . But of course Hollywood will just stick their nose in as per usual and put more emphasis on pointless conversations, flashy cars and silly humour rather than atmosphere, story, scenery, and good special effects .