Confirmed: Samuel L. Jackson is STILL Nick Fury

Looks like Marvel Studios still has its geek cred, if just a tad dented and a little kicked around. The trades are reporting that Samuel L. Jackson and the fledgling movie studio have come to an agreement that will allow Samuel L. Jackson to play Nick Fury not only “Iron Man 2”, but also in “Thor”, “The Avengers”, and “Captain America”. Plus any sequels that may result from those four movies, as well as a potential “SHIELD” movie.

THR doesn’t say how much the deal is worth, only that if all of the movies make it to sequel as Marvel plans, Jackson will be locked in to play Nick Fury for at least nine movies. Of course we’re talking sequels here, and what self-respecting movie studio wouldn’t sign an actor for more than one movie when dealing with a comic book film? So while Jackson is guaranteed to be Fury in the “Iron Man” sequel as well as the other three Marvel movies, but the remaining five will depend entirely on which movie gets sequels, and which goes the way of “The Incredible Hulk”. More likely would be a “SHIELD” movie spin-off.

Micky Rourke, meanwhile, is still trying to hash out a deal with Marvel to play the heavy in “Iron Man 2”. Normally that may seem like a lost cause, but then again, so was Jackson as Nick Fury just a few weeks ago, so don’t give up on seeing Rourke in “Iron Man 2” just yet.

Below: “So does this mean I should stop waiting by the phone? Dammit.”