Confused by Ridley Scott’s Prometheus? You’re Not the Only One…


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If there were things about Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” that left you scratching your head (or perhaps other parts of your body) long after watching it, welcome to the party. You’re not alone, as it turns out, because a lot of people out there just don’t get what the hell was going on in the film. Mind you, this doesn’t mean they weren’t “smart” enough to figure it out, but it sure seem as if Scott and his screenwriters, “Lost’s” Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts had some questionable, er, ideas. Lots of ideas.

Thankfully, there are enough people out on the Interwebs trying to make sense of the movie’s many hanging plot threads and muddy notions to warrant this post.

Needless to say, VAST SPOILERS below if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

For instance, who made what, that in turned made who, and came out of where? To clear this bit up, graphic designer Carlos Poon came up with a simple infographic explaining the “origins” of the movie’s many species:

Prometheus Infographics

Here’s a behind-the-scenes making of the film’s opening sequence by the folks at WETA, which explains what was going on with that Engineer we saw in the film’s opening scene (via Awards Daily). Turns out, it wasn’t just some wicked rash he was developing.

Meanwhile, Red Letter Media has some issues with “Prometheus”. Okay, they have a lot of issues. Enough to fill up 4 minutes of video where they simply ask one question after another, in fact. If you don’t agree with at least half of their questions, you just weren’t paying attention during the movie.

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  • clarkspark

    Swiss cheese has less holes than this movie but thats not to say that I didn’t enjoy watching the awesome sfx. :p

    • Matthew Leonard

      while i agree and have some of the same questions that the dude brought up in that horrible video, i think the fact that the movie has you asking that many questions is kind of good. Makes you think as well as entertain.

      • Nix

        Did you mean the video is ‘horrible” in the sense that it’s badly presented/presentation-wise? Cause if so, that’s the point. You know, shoddy camerawork, etc.

      • Lexavi80

        I love movies that makes me think. Those stories that doesn’t tell you everything so you can bring your own hipothesis… that’s awesome!

        A perfect example is Inception. At the end, Nolan doesn’t tell you if Cobb is still sleeping or not. You have to figure it out… and he gives you the tools to do it. Better yet, when you think about the movie in retrospective, it becomes an even better movie. The story is SO well put together that you start noticing the almost perfect engineering Nolan did.

        Prometheus doesn’t qualify on that.

        I don’t think Prometheus is terrible. I do think that, intentionally or unintentionally, the story have SO many holes, contradictions and unnecessary scenes, that leave you asking “hummm?”. And when you think back, you only found more questions and more incongruencies, and it end up being a mess of things.

  • Lexavi80

    The Red Letter Media video is so funny!

  • LionHeart

    Seriously, why not just run to the left or right, you dumb broads?

  • ErickKwon

    Nothing wrong with ambiguity and unanswered questions, but the movie’s problem is that it’s got legit plotholes and bad logic which taint it’s ambiguous qualities.

    Intentional ambiguity meant to keep you guessing, make you think or may be resolved later:

    – David’s fixation with “Lawrence of Arabia”, basketball, and biking. Those seemed to be a clue that David was going off programming or developing his own character tics and personality.
    – LV 426 might actually be LV 223 after Weyland-Yutani redacted details about the “Prometheus” mission.
    – Was the 1st onscreen Engineer following SOP and died seeding the earth because their process requires a sacrifice, or was he the story’s Prometheus and stole the life-starting goo and gave his life so that he could kick start evolution on earth? (I still think the planet at the beginning was earth, but then that leads to–)

    Items in the “genuinely stupid/grossly illogical/probably Damon Lindelof’s fault” category.
    – Seriously, WAS that the earth?
    – Where exactly did Janek get the idea that LV 226 was a weapons plant? Sure, the audience were made aware that was a possibility, but I don’t recall if he was around to get all that.
    – People behaving like toddlers in a “Touch Me” museum inside the alien ship.
    – Old Man Weyland tagging along while keeping nearly everyone onboard in the dark about his presence. The only people who seemed indispensable/irreplaceable were Ph. D With The Dragon Tattoo and not-Tom Hardy. Fifield the geologist admitted outright he was there for the cash, so there seemed no reason why rest of the Walking Meat crew couldn’t have been Weyland Corp. yes-men
    – Shaw has just removed a parasite with God-know-what kind of life-cycle, and she just leaves it behind? Doesn’t think to pop it into a petri dish? Tell someone else? (Maybe she did, but then that means everyone else was just as stupid)
    – Final Engineer = Skynet’s Trademark Relentless Killing Machine. Hasn’t the movie suggested the Engineers were insanely evolved beings (which isn’t the same as being smart)?
    – Damon Lindelof claims that Weyland told David, right before David’s confrontation with Vickers, Weyland in-a-box told David to infect Holloway. Great, if you believe that someone as immortality-obsessed as Weyland would introduce an X-factor onto the same ship as him. Holloway could’ve just dropped dead, or he could’ve fully mutated into a killing machine like Fifield, or infected the rest of the crew. We saw how dangerous Fifield became (and I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point of the writing, mutated Holloway and mutated Fifield weren’t meant to be the same character). Sure, it’s possible that David went farther than Weyland had intended and was a bit out of control at that point, but better writing would’ve alleviated that problem.

    • clarkspark

      I see you don’t like Damon Lindelof’s writing, I second that. I like thought provoking movies and believe it or not Prometheus has some of that but ,as you already put it, its grossly illogical. The truth is what bothers me the most about the movie is how everyone that had a profession didn’t act it.

      The Captain is usually the first one to keep contaminates off his ship. This one wants to ‘open the doors’.

      Your a geologist, who also led the group inside this cavern, with high tech gadgets (The Pups) that could map the entire area and have constant communication with your ship but can still get lost. smdh

      Your a biologist that sees an alien life-form that is by all intent and purposes moving like a cobra but your thought is to try to pet it? Cobra-strike!

      I found it dumb that Weyland (who is trying to prolong his life indefinitely) would walk into an unknown situation that could get him killed. He had, what, 2 guards with him?

      The list goes on! LOL XD

      • ErickKwon

        “The truth is what bothers me the most about the movie is how everyone that had a profession didn’t act it.”

        I think think that may be the most prominent of the illogical/stupid flaws in the whole thing and I think it comes from having too many characters to keep track of or care about. There had to be better ways to whittle 17 crew members down to the Final Girl. “Alien” had exactly the right amount of people for the story, and “Aliens” had the good sense to wipe out something like 2/3 of its roster early and used it to ramp up tension and desperation.

  • ErickKwon

    By the way, anyone else notice that the spacesuits colorscheme and design (dark charcoal pleather/leather/vinyl w/ orange piping) looked a bit like the suits in Mario Bava’s “Planet of the Vampires”?

  • DanielT555

    Too much focus on visual effects and not enough attention to the story, meh, what else is new…

  • JackCrow

    First thing first: talk to this guy:
    then beat him up.