Connecticut Haunting Kid Moves to Elm Street Remake

Kyle Gallner apparently can’t get enough of evil entities wanting to rip him to shreds. First he endured “The Haunting in Connecticut”, now he’s moved to a new address to face another baddie — Freddy Krueger in Platinum Dunes’ reboot of Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, which found its Freddy last week when Jackie Earle Haley officially signed on to don the famous fedora and filthy sweater.

Variety says Gallner will be playing a character named Quentin, who has been described previously as a “podcaster” and host of his own online insomnia radio show. Methinks he’s the movie’s male lead, though that’s probably not such a good thing, as male leads tend to die in teen horror movies that focuses too much on the female lead ala the Final Girl.

TV watchers may also remember Kyle Gallner as the Flash (aka Impulse) in the CW’s Smallville TV show. You know, the one where Clark Kent is 50 years old and still living on the farm? Yeah, that one.

Anyways, Music video guy Samuel Bayer is directing the remake for Platinum Dunes from a script by “Cape Fear’s” Wesley Strick.

Below: One, two, Freddy’s coming for you … Kyle Gallner. Yeah, that sorta rhymes.