Controversial New Poster for Steven Mena’s Bereavement

Those kooky fiends lurking behind-the-scenes at the MPAA always seem to get their collective panties in a bind when it comes to children and violence. Take, for instance, the latest poster for Steven Mena’s “Bereavement”, which is the prequel to his minimalist slasher opus “Malevolence”. Apparently this great and Godly body of cinematic decency has taken issue with the kid holding the knife, which, if you ask me, isn’t all that threatening. Did the MPAA see “Kick-Ass”? How about “Let Me In”? Both of these films featured children doing extremely naughty things, the least of which involved a boy carrying a really big knife. Call me crazy, but it’s not that bad. Then again, I loved “The Human Centipede” and “A Serbian Film”, so what do I know of morals.

The offending poster and a nifty trailer lie below, courtesy of Shock Till You Drop.