Cool, Chris, and Friel for NCIS Spin-off

CBS’ NCIS is one of those TV shows that seems to have been on forever, but I’ve never actually met anyone who has seen a whole episode. I myself have seen a couple of episodes on and off, and it definitely looks like the type of show that a newbie could jump on at any time, but at the same time lend itself to cult viewing. What I don’t really like about it is that, like most of CBS’ TV shows, it has that gray, drab look about it that makes me want to doze off while watching. But maybe that’s just me. If you are a fan of the show, you should be ecstatic right now, because the Powers That Be are spinning it off with another series, possibly starring Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, and Anna Friel.

THR says O’Donnell and Cool J are all but in::

O’Donnell would play Callen, an average guy born to do undercover work as the ultimate chameleon, taking on different identities.

LL Cool J is eyed for the role of Sam Hannah, a former U.S. Navy Seal who is tough but charming.

Anna Friel, meanwhile, is coming off the heels of the canceled Pushing Daisies, which for some reason means she’s now the most sought-after actress for new TV shows. Only in Hollywood would being the star of a failed TV show turn you into a wanted commodity. As they say, in Hollywood you don’t fail down, you fail up.