James Mangold Will Direct The Wolverine

I’ve always been extremely impressed with James Mangold’s career. Go ahead, try to pigeonhole him. Bet you can’t. Here’s why: he started his career with a small indie drama in “Heavy”, turned that into a gritty crime film in “Copland”, spent time in romantic fantasyland with “Kate and Leopold”, went Western in “3:10 to Yuma”, musical biopic with “Walk the Line”, then pure action-adventure in “Knight and Day”. Basically, the guy HAS no genre. James Mangold directs what he wants to direct, and he’s proven that he can pretty much direct anything as long as he has the interest.

Now it appears James Mangold has an interest in taking on a big-time comic book movie, because Deadline is reporting that Mangold has been chosen by 20th Century Fox and star Hugh Jackman to replace Darren Aronofsky on “The Wolverine”, the sequel to the studio’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. An official offer is forthcoming, and Mangold is expected to accept the gig. “The Wolverine” would re-team Mangold with Jackman, the two having previously worked together on the time-travel romcom “Kate & Leopold” in 2001.

Mangold will direct from a script by Christopher McQuarrie, with the story taking the mutant Logan, aka Wolverine to Japan, where he finds love with a native beauty and tackles with some Samurai and ninja types. Much slicing and dicing and snikkt‘ing is expected.

I know he didn’t get the job, but director Gary Shore made a pretty nifty pitch a little while back. Check it out below:

Wolverine Vs The Hand from Gary Shore on Vimeo.