Corey Feldman and Corey Haim Team for Reality TV Show The Two Coreys

Oh come on, admit it, when you were a kid in the ’80s you went to see almost every movie Corey Feldman and Corey Haim made together. “The Lost Boys”? “License to Drive”? “Dream a Little Dream”? Okay, so maybe you weren’t a dork in the ’80s and saw all three, but even you genre lads have seen the vampire flick “The Lost Boys”, you can’t deny that. And then Corey Haim went off the reservation, got messed up in drugs, and disappeared. Corey Feldman, the more prolific of the Coreys, continued to work, but eventually even he succumbed to the curse of the too-much-too-soon that befalls most of Hollywood’s teen stars.

Now the duo are back in an A&E reality TV show called “The Two Coreys”. No, I kid you not. And the premise? TV Guide says:

Corey Haim reunites with former on-screen partner Corey Feldman by moving in with him and his wife, Susie Feldman.

All joking aside, I was a fan of these guys from the ’80s, saw all three of those movies I mentioned, and it breaks my heart what’s happened to Haim’s career over, but more importantly, what’s happened to him over the years. Hopefully this TV show will provide a bridge for him to return to, if not to stardom, then at least to normality.

Then again, what’s normal about having TV cameras chronicle your every waking hour? Oh well, it’s better than getting stone and sleeping in pee-stained alleyways, right?

Check your local A&E for showtimes.

Corey Feldman and Corey Haim Team for Reality TV Show The Two Coreys