Corey Feldman and Edward Furlong Join Forces for The Zombie King

The Zombie King (2012) Movie PosterThe synopsis for director Aidan Belizaire’s upcoming horror flick “The Zombie King” reads like something conceived during a particularly devilish fever dream. I’m assuming that the story makes sense to someone, and I’m sure the movie is fourteen kinds of badass, but at the moment, I’m a little confused. At least the film stars Edward Furlong and Corey Feldman, right? That’s pretty exciting. To me, anyway. In fact, you may feel otherwise. Strongly.

Anyway, here’s that synopsis I mentioned earlier:

The story centres on an every day man, Samuel Peters who makes a pact with the God of malevolence Kalfu to help bring back his wife from the grave. Peters becomes The Zombie King, still a man but a leader of the ever growing horde of zombies, zombies which have been brought back from the dead through the practise of Voodoo and, who, completely wipe out the town he lives in.

What the hell is a Kalfu, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. Regardless, “The Zombie King” is one I’ll keep an eye on. It sounds exactly like something I’d watch, even without the presence of Feldman and Furlong. Unfortunately, we have to wait a while before we get any kind of footage from the flick, so you might want to find something else to do in the meantime. For instance, you could gaze at the poster embedded below. Just a suggestion. I wouldn’t want to be accused of telling you what to do.

For more information, swing by the official Facebook page.

The Zombie King (2012) Movie Poster