Corey Haim Joins Crank 2?

Hey, remember Corey Haim? He was the Haim half of the Two Coreys — Corey Haim and Corey Feldman — that seemed to be ubiquitous for a time there during the ’80s. Then they sort of fell on hard times in the ’90s. Then a few years ago, they made a comeback with their own “Reality” TV show. But you know, not the real kind of reality TV show, that actually attempted some measure of “reality”; this one was “reality” as two former actors considered reality, which meant it was as “real” as, you know, Hillary and Bill Clinton’s marriage. But I digress. Word is, Corey Haim has continued his bid for a comeback, and his latest stab is joining the cast of Jason Statham’s “Crank 2”.

Or at least that’s what The Movie Blog says:

Campea just shot the following skinny my way; Corey Haim will have a role in Crank 2.

Well, that’s pretty much it. “Will have a role” can mean anything from a one-second cameo to a prolong co-starring role.

Still, as a former fan of the kid, I hope he gets a big enough role to continue his comeback. There was that whole iffy “is he in, or is he out” thing with “The Lost Boys” sequel that seems to have been cleared up with a cameo appearance by Haim. I think.

Anyhoo. Haim. “Crank 2”. Eh. Just give us more of THIS and we’ll be happy little boys.