Corey Stoll Will Save us From Vampires in Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain TV Series

Corey Stoll in Law & Order: Los Angeles

Guillermo del Toro’s “The Strain”, which the filmmaker and lover of all things monstrous and grotesque is currently developing for the FX Channel with Chuck Hogan (the duo having penned the three books in the “Strain” trilogy together), has found his leading man in Corey Stoll.

The Strain Book CoverStoll is a veteran of TV, with recurring roles on “Law and Order: Los Angeles” as well as “House of Cards”, as well as movie roles in “Salt” and the upcoming “Non-Stop” with Liam Neeson. He will play the show’s lead, the head of the Center for Disease Control named Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, a single father who leads the fight against the emerging vampire threat in good ol New York City. He is joined by a Russian exterminator, a fellow CDC doctor (who is also his lover), and a World War II Holocaust survivor that has tangled with the vamps before.

Says del Toro about Stoll’s casting:

To me, having the right lead for The Strain series was perhaps the most important creative task. To be able to secure the perfect actor in Corey Stoll sets the project on the right track. To embody a character like Ephraim Goodweather – who transitions through every emotion and situation imaginable, and which anchors the narrative of the series – requires amazing talent and craft. Corey has both in spades as he has demonstrated it over and over again.

I gotta say, when I imagined the Goodweather character from the novels, I wasn’t really imagining a bald dude with a mustache. Granted, that’s why they call it acting, and Stoll could slap on a wig and shave the ‘stache, but still, I always imagined Goodweather as a more heroic looking figure.

But hey, del Toro co-wrote the books and co-created Goodweather, so I guess he knows more about the character than I do. Probably.

Del Toro is co-writing the pilot episode with Hogan, and plans to direct as well. But as always with del Toro, the operative word here is plans.

Via : Deadline