Cormac McCarthy Sells His First Original Script, The Counselor

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Cormac McCarthy is responsible for some of my favorite novels, “The Crossing” and “Blood Meridian” among them. His books have been turned into a few pretty decent films to boot. People seemed to like that “No Country For Old Men” (seriously, how good is that movie?) thing a few years back, and I’m all for the post-apocalyptic grimness of “The Road” (I’ll admit, I find it difficult to watch a movie called “All the Pretty Horses” no matter who wrote it). I tried to convince my mother not to read “The Road”, even though Oprah recommended it; she didn’t listen to me, and it bummed her out horribly.

Now the reclusive McCarthy has surfaced with his first spec script, “The Counselor”. His agents were expecting his next novel, but the wily old bastard surprised them by dropping a script in front of them before returning to work on the book.

The terrain of the script is reminiscent of the rough and tumble world depicted in “No Country For Old Men”. The protagonist in “The Counselor” is a respected lawyer who thinks he can dip a toe in to the drug business without getting sucked down. It is a bad decision and he tries his best to survive it and get out of a desperate situation.

“The Counselor” is set in the contemporary Southwest. Thematically and plot wise this sounds like fertile ground for McCarthy’s particular brand of sparse, arid storytelling. Drugs, corruption, the best of intentions going horribly wrong, yeah, I’m on board for that.

Producer Steve Schwartz says:

Since McCarthy himself wrote the script, we get his own muscular prose directly, with its sexual obsessions. It’s a masculine world into which, unusually, two women intrude to play leading roles. McCarthy’s wit and humor in the dialogue make the nightmare even scarier. This may be one of McCarthy’s most disturbing and powerful works.

This may be hyperbole, but those are strong, exciting words. Schwartz, and producing partners Paula Mae Schwartz and Nick Wechsler, the team behind “The Road”, wasted no time in jumping on McCarthy’s script, and have acquired the rights. I will certainly be keeping a close eye on “The Counselor” as it develops.

Via : Deadline