Cosplay Highlights from Katsucon 2013 (Or How Come I Didn’t Know These Things Existed?)

Katsucon 2013 Cosplay

What the hell is Katsucon 2013? Good question, because I have no idea. According to their Facebook page, it’s “an annual 3-day fan convention for multicultural enthusiasts and entertainment produced by Katsucon Entertainment, Inc.” Yeah, I had to look that up. Who knew such things even existed? This is the 19th annual get-together, so I guess it’s been existing for quite some time.

See, these are the things I would have totally been into when I was in college … if only I knew they, well, existed.

Anyhoo, for guys like me who missed out on stuff like this, there are lads like Beat Down Boogie that go to these events and come back with excellent footage of cosplayers in their natural habitat. Check out what all those crazy kids were doing with their free time while you were doing, well, other things with your free time.