Could J.J. Abrams Team Up With Bong Joon-ho?

There’s a rumor circulating around the campfire, and by the campfire I mean over at, that American jack-of-all-trades J.J. Abrams and Korean director Bong Joon-ho are going to hook up and make a film together. Let me stress that this is a rumor, a completely unsubstantiated rumor. But the possibilities are positively drool inducing, aren’t they?

As a creative entity I find Abrams wildly hit and miss. “Star Trek” was one of my favorite movies of 2009, and I’ve developed a great affection for “Fringe” as of late. On the other side of that coin are things like “Lost”, which I could never make myself care about even though the entire world fawned over it, and “Alias” still makes me angry. But no matter what, the guy stays busy, and has been known to make a damn entertaining movie from time to time.

However, it is the Bong part of this possible equation that really intrigues me. “The Host”, with its well-rendered balance of family drama and humor, is one of the best giant, rampaging monster movies to come along in recent memory, and his other films, like “Mother” and “Memories of Murder”, are also pretty kickass. (Though I’m not a fan of his first film “Barking Dogs Never Bite”, it does show glimpses of the filmmaker he would become).

Slashfilm’s unnamed source:

claims that Abrams visited Korea last year and had extensive meetings with Bong, and will soon be collaborating with him on an undisclosed film. Bong will direct, and Abrams will produce. Once Bong finishes work on his next film Snow Piercer (based on a French graphic novel), the film will most likely shoot in Hollywood, making it the first film he’s made in the US.

It will be interesting to see how Bong’s aesthetic and unique sense of humor translates to an American film. That might be where the influence of Abrams will be most prevalent, as he seems to have a knack for making things that sell.

Personally I hope this happens. The tag-team has the potential to produce something completely awesome. For everyone’s sake, I also hope that Bong’s first film on American soil turns out better than Fruit Chan’s recent English language debut crapfest, “Don’t Look Up”. Cross your fingers.