Cowboys and Aliens Stocks up on More Cowboys

You can add Paul Dano (the preacher in “There Will be Blood”), Keith Carradine, and the always awesome Clancy Brown (who has fought pesky aliens before in “Starship Troopers”) to the cast of Jon Favreau’s upcoming sci-fi/Western “Cowboys and Aliens”. The title is silly as all get-out, and I wonder if they’ll end up changing it. Probably not, but it sure hints at a comedy instead of something seriously. Then again, this is Favreau, so it’s probably a good bet that “Cowboys and Aliens” will have plenty of chuckles along with its comic book action.

In the film, Dano and Brown will play cowboys, while Carradine will play the Sheriff of Absolution, the Western town that comes under attack by an alien menace, forcing the townspeople and a mysterious stranger played by Daniel Craig to team up with their traditional villains, the Indians, in order to protect their land and their lives. Also in the cast, Indiana Jones as the big man in town, Colonel Dolarhyde, and Olivia Wilde as the mysterious beauty.

“Cowboys and Indians” is set to shoot as early as June in New Mexico. Shockingly, the film won’t be coming to you in 3D. At least, not yet…