Crank 2 to Be the Most Offensive, Outrageous Movie Ever

Poor Amy Smart. Apparently in the sequel to “Crank”, titled “Crank 2: High Voltage”, her hitman boyfriend turned dude with weird things in his body Chev Chelios has to screw her to death. On a race track, no less. Or at least that’s what Jason Statham is promising in this interview with io9 while doing the promotional rounds for “Death Race”. Okay, so he doesn’t say he’s gotta croak the old lady during coitus, but you know, it just sounds better that way. Anyhoo.

Says Statham about the script for “Crank 2”:

“High voltage is an understatement,” he said about the movie. “They locked themselves in a room for three days with five bottles of tequila and wrote the most offensive, outrageous script I’ve ever read.”

He goes on:

Poor Amy Smart, that’s my concern. There is a very indulgent sex scene on a race track. I don’t want to give too much away.

They have all the capabilities of making it the crazy action movie that they wanted. It’s like Crank 1 but times 1,000.

First she gets her jaw ripped open by a mirror ghost in “Mirrors”, and now she gets screwed on a race track to within an inch of her life? It sucks to be Amy Smart.

Or does it?

Below: Amy Smart shooting a scene from “Crank 2”. “X” marks the spot?

Amy Smart Crank 2