Crank Boys Ditch Jonah Hex

Personally I blame it on his ugly mug, but D.C. gunslinger Jonah Hex sure seems to have a lot of trouble finding people who wants to take a chance on him. First there was the rumor that Josh Brolin was circling the project, although Brolin himself seems mighty unsure of what he wants to do, and now the film’s writers and would-be directors, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor of “Crank” fame, have decided to walk away due to the ever popular “creative differences”, which in Hollywood can mean anything from too many pink peanuts in the trailer to a producer sleeping with your wife. What we do know? This leaves the project with a script, but no director(s).

Pipes in Variety:

Neveldine and Taylor wrote the script, but their exit as directors was attributed to “creative differences.” The studio is moving quickly to set a new director, determined to keep Brolin in the fold for a spring start. Neveldine and Taylor are best known for writing and directing the Jason Statham starrer “Crank.”

Personally, I’ve never been all that big a fan of Jonah Hex, but I hope the movie gets made, if just so I can be able to make groovy little headlines about how ugly Jonah Hex is. Now that’s just clean good fun, I don’t care what anyone says.

Below: His name is Jonah Hex. Remember it. (Or at least the face, ahem.)