Crank Directors Set Their Sights on Jonah Hex

You can’t keep a cowboy with a fubarred face down. D.C.’s Jonah Hex, the gunslinger with a pizza for a face, will be heading to the big screen (previous story here), and none other than the boys behind “Crank” and the upcoming “Game” and “Pathology” will be behind the script and cameras. In an interview, writer/directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor lets everyone know that they will be writing and directing the upcoming “Jonah Hex” movie as soon as they finish the sequel to “Crank”.

More: sat down with filmmaker Mark Neveldine, co-writer and co-director (with Brian Taylor) of the upcoming ‘Crank 2′, wo revealed that they will be tackling DC Comics’ ‘Jonah Hex’ as an upcoming project.

“We’re going to be doing a thing at Comic-Con this summer for a lot of movies…one is a movie that we wrote called ‘Jonah Hex’,” Neveldine told Collider in a video interview. “It’s a DC Comic called ‘Jonah Hex’. It’s gonna be the movie we’re directing after ‘Crank’.”

“Jonah Hex of course is a bounty hunter. It’s a comic book that’s been running for a long time with DC Comics,” continued Neveldine. “A guy who lives with one foot in this world and one foot in the next. Western. Crazy. ‘Sin City’ style. I can’t tell you a bit more.”

I was never much for comic book westerns. The combination of the medium and the setting never really felt right to me, so I never read all that many western comic books, although the recent “Lone Ranger” sort of got me interested, though not nearly enough to even remotely know anything about Jonah Hex, except he’s got that face.

Crank Directors Set Their Sights on Jonah Hex