Crazy Mel Gibson to Spend his Summer Vacation in a Mexican Prison

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Oh Mel, you’re such a kid at heart. Instead of prepping that very cool sounding Viking movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, Gibson will instead be appearing as writer, star, and producer on the coming of age drama “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”, where Gibson will play a young 9-year old boy who learns the pitfalls of growing up, crushing on your first girl, and the true meaning of family — wait, what? It’s not about that? Oh right. Gibson will play a career criminal who gets caught in Mexico and tossed into a slimy, dangerous, drug-riddled prison where he must learn to survive with the assistance of a 9-year old local boy. Damn, I wasn’t even close there, huh?

“How I Spent My Summer Vacation” was written by Gibson, who will also star as the gringo who gets caught and tossed in the slammer. Gibson has been scouting locations down south for a while now, in the same areas that he shot “Apocalypto”. For “Summer Vacation”, Gibson will star, but not direct. That job goes to Adrian Grunberg, Gibson’s first assistant director on “Apocalypto”. Stacy Perskie, the second A.D. on “Apocalypto”, will produce.

It’s expected that Gibson will finish up “Summer Vacation” before hopping on over to his Viking movie with DiCaprio. After laying low on other people’s projects in the last 10 years, Gibson’s come back with the cop revenge thriller “Edge of Darkness” and the more light-hearted “The Beaver”.

Aw, man, looks like it's back to the Mexican jail...

Aw, man, looks like it's back to the Mexican jail...

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