Creepy Green Night Vision Clip From The Troll Hunter

If you haven’t heard of Norwegian director’s Andre Ovredal’s mocumentary “The Troll Hunter”, you really should check it out, because it looks completely awesome. The film follows a group of film students on a hunt for real life trolls after learning that their existence has been covered up by the government. If that doesn’t sound a good way to spend 90 minutes, you and I will probably never be close friends.

“The Troll Hunter” hits theaters on June 10th, but if you just can’t wait, you can watch it On Demand starting tomorrow. Come on, you don’t have anything better to do this weekend than watch giant trolls, do you? I don’t. In honor of this impending release, there is a new clip available to whet your appetite. Shot primarily in creepy green night-vision, it gives you a good look at one of the giant beasts, and from the look of things, the creature walks the fine line between appearing serious and scary, and silly enough to be a lot of fun.

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