Creepy Little Poster, Trailer for the Singapore Horror Flick Ghost on Air

Ghost on Air (2012) Movie PosterApparently ghosts don’t like disc jockeys, as there seems to be a lot of motion pictures about supernatural entities pestering employees at various radio stations around the world. Enter the upcoming Singapore horror outing “Ghost on Air”, a potentially spooky endeavor about a DJ who attempts to cope with the loss his girlfriend and his career by telling ghost stories over the air. Not surprisingly, these tales turn out to be more than just simple works of fiction, and before too long, our hero is up to his airwaves in otherworldly tomfoolery. Everyone always says that radio is dead. Heh.

An official synopsis? An official synopsis:

Ping Xiao, a two-time “Most Popular DJ” award winner, is suddenly robbed of his successful morning show slot. Jealous at seeing a younger DJ taking his place, he forces himself to conquer painful recurring memories of his deceased girlfriend and tells the ghost stories that were written by her on air. With each painful memory he endures, he regains a small step to his superstardom. However, as he is about to claim his reward, he begins to realize that the stories were not works of fiction, and maybe it wasn’t him telling the stories all along.

Presented by Shaw Organisation, Cheng Ding An’s “Ghost on Air” stars Dennis Chew, Eunice Olsen, and Gan Mei Yan. The film opens in Singapore on May 10th, 2012. The latest trailer has been supernaturally embedded below.

Via : 24 Frames per Second