Creepy Supernatural Shenanigans Abound in Douglas Schulze’s Dark Fields

I’m not sure why distributor eOne Home Video decided to release director Douglas Schulze’s 2009 chiller “The Rain” as “Dark Fields”, a title that horror filmmakers Allan Randall and Mark McNabb used for their effort back in 2006. Then again, I’m just a faceless, mildly annoying film blogger — what the hell do I know about marketing? Regardless of its name, this surprisingly intriguing indie endeavor certainly looks much better than its cast would suggest. Before you get yourself worked into a frenzy, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with David Carradine, Richard Lynch, and Dee Wallace, but one generally doesn’t associate them with award-winning cinema these days. That’s all I’m saying.

Before I dig myself deeper, here’s the synopsis:

When the drought-stricken farming community of Perseverance resorts to child sacrifice to bring healing rains to their land, a terrible curse is unleashed, that haunts their bloodlines for generations. More than a century later, one of their descendents is struck by a horrible affliction and must commit an unspeakable act of murder to remove the curse once and for all.

“Dark Fields” is set to spook genre fans when it hits DVD on March 22nd, 2011.

Via Quiet Earth