Crispin Glover is the Only Reason to Watch The Donner Party Trailer

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, shall we? The trailer for T.J. Martin’s 2009 historical thriller “The Donner Party” isn’t particularly interesting, and, truthfully, I’m not sure if I’m willing to hand over 90 minutes of my life to something as questionable as this. That being said, watching cult actor and professional weirdo Crispin Glover portray William Foster may be worth the price of admission. In fact, that’s the only element in the entire preview that seems worthy of my attention, especially since the rest of the feature is one or two baby steps away from resembling a low-budget reenactment on The History Channel. You may feel differently once you’ve watched the trailer embedded below, but I’m thinking you won’t. Call it a hunch. Or indigestion.

Hungry for more? Here’s a synopsis to whet your whistle:

Based on the harrowing true story, The Donner Party picks up after William Hastings steers a wagontrain, known as The Donner Party, off course by promising a shorter route to California through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. After several early snowstorms, the emigrants and its leaders (Crispin Glover and Clayne Crawford) find themselves trapped, freezing and without any source of food. A small group is formed, nicknamed The Forlorn Hope, to try and reach California and organize a rescue party. The threat of death and imminent starvation dissolves the group’s camaraderie as they are forced sacrifice one another as a source of nourishment. Surviving only on the flesh of the fallen members of their party, the remaining travelers must weigh their consciences against their will to survive.

“The Donner Party” is set to snack its way into Region 1 DVD players on January 26th. Enjoy the less-than-meaty trailer below.