Crysis 3: Hunter Edition PS3 Review

Crysis 3c

As “Video Game Spring Fever 2013” rolls on, next up is Crytek’s highly anticipated “Crysis 3”.  It has only been 2 years since EA’s “Crysis 2” (which the ending STILL pissed me off).  Luckily the third installment picks up from that disappointing ending, and moves the story forward.  Now this review will be of the game AND the extras found in my “Hunter Edition” for PS3, so let’s get on to the goodies!


The Extras

This edition costs the same as a regular edition of any new game ($60) but I got all this with my “Hunter Edition”:

Additional DLC:  All of this DLC relates to multiplayer: An extra arrow attachment, Nanosuit module, Bow skin, an automatic Level 5 MP jump, and 3 exclusive dogtags only available in this edition.  Also with my edition I received the “Hunter Pack” DLC that includes more skins and arrow attachments.

Original “Crysis” Digital Download:  That’s right, you get the full game, in digital download form, for FREE!  ($20 value)

I know it is a little skimpy…BUT if you play multiplayer (OR want the original for free) definitely worth it.  EXTRAS: B+

Crysis 3a

The Game

It boils down to this…story-wise it’s more like “Crysis 2.5”, it’s the 3rd act to the story of “Crysis 2” honestly.  The game is short (around 6 hours) but it is a VERY FUN, VERY CHALLENGING 6 hours.  This is nothing new though, most games that feature a MP package like “Crysis 3” usually have a single-player package under 10 hours.  This should not deter you however, because the game is BEA-UTIFUL!!!  You feel like you are in the jungle in an empowering Nano-Suit with a BAD-ASS bow (which is more accurate than ANY firearm in the game).  If you enjoyed either previous “Crysis” game, you will love this.  Gameplay is smooth, immersive, and challenging (I cannot stress this enough).  The multi-player in this game…is fun..even though everyone I have played also bought the hunter edition so for every person you kill….you get killed several times.  I HIGHLY recommend playing the single player campaign first (especially to get used to the bow).  Overall, I am very happy with the game, and you FINALLY get to see the finished story that just ENDED in “Crysis 2”.  The game is slick, exciting and action-packed, as well as filled with many characters from the entire “Crysis” series.  It is a must have!  GAME SCORE: A


The Overall Package

This game has it all:  A great single player experience and an in depth and large MP suite.  I don’t know what it is but the last couple years, Sci-Fi games have come in droves and MOST have been better than any Sci-Fi that Hollywood has attempted to put out (even though “Prometheus” gives me hope for the future of H-Wood Sci-Fi) and “Crysis 3” is no exception.  AND as of this writing, it is $20 off.  So pick it up and would never think a bow and arrow would be SO FULFILLING!

Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Cover Art