Cuba Gooding Jr. to Star in The Way of War

Nobody has shown Cuba Gooding Jr. the money or given him a role worth spit for a while now (not counting, of course, the brilliant “Radio”, which made stupid people cry all over America), but maybe his luck is changing. Then again, maybe not. The latest news out of Cuba land is that their main man has landed the leading role in “The Way of War”, an action thriller that casts Gooding Jr. as “a paramilitary operative who goes on a rampage after discovering a war conspiracy.” Sounds a lot like “Shooter” with Mark Wahlberg, actually.


Principal photography begins this week in Baton Rouge, La. Richie Salvatore of Two Sticks Prods., Dave Pomier and Scott Schafer will produce from Schafer’s script. Nick Thurlow, Jordan Kessler and David Orenstein will executive produce.

“With his intensity and ability to take a character to the edge, the part is tailor-made for Cuba, and we’re excited to have him aboard,” Thurlow said. “John Carter and Scott Schafer have crafted a political thriller with deep resonance for our times.”

Huh, really? When did Cuba Gooding Jr. ever “take a character to the edge”? Anyhoo, I liked Gooding Jr. in “End Game”, so he should be good in an action role.

Cuba Gooding Jr. Knows the Way of War