D.C. Sets Up Supernatural Detective Constantine With his Own TV Show at NBC

Hellblazer Comic Book CoverStill waiting for that sequel to Keanu Reeves’ 2005 movie “Constantine”? Well, you might have to wait a little longer. But you know what you won’t have to wait too long for? A TV series based on the same character. (Okay, you might have to wait a little longer for the TV show, too, depending on how much the network likes the script.)

Yup, Warner Bros. TV and their D.C. Comics buddies have set up yet another D.C. comic book property on the small screen, following on their success on the CW with “Smallville” and more recently, “Arrow”. They also have “The Flash” on tap for sometime next year.

Meanwhile, the partners have set up “Gotham”, a Batman Universe TV show without Batman, over at Fox. That show would focus on Gotham City’s toughest cop, Jim Gordon before he teamed up with the Bat to fight crime and other assorted weirdos. “Gotham” would just focus on Gordon doing all the weirdo fighting, and Batman is not expected to show up. Ever.

Then there’s “Constantine”, which is now set up at NBC, with “Batman” writer David Goyer attached to write the pilot script along with “The Mentalist’s” Daniel Cerone. They will also stay on to produce the show, currently just in the pilot script commitment stage at the Peacock Network. This show would totally rock as a back-to-back with “Hannibal”. Maybe that’s the idea?

John Constantine was originally introduced in a Swamp Thing comic book by the always affable Alan Moore, and has gone on to become a very popular D.C. comic book character with his own title, “Hellblazer”. The character is described as “an enigmatic and irreverent conman turned reluctant supernatural detective, who is thrust into the role of defending the human race against dark forces from beyond.”

He’s also British (despite the Reeves movie), smokes a lot and wears a cool trenchcoat.

Of course, a “Constantine” TV show is just in the development stage, so it’s not guaranteed yet. Who knows, if the show does get made and is a hit, you might get another “Constantine” movie.

Hellblazer Comic Book Cover

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