D-War is a Hit at the Korean Box Office

Well call me Aunt Sally and slap me silly. Looks like my anticipated bombing of Hyung-rae Shim’s much-anticipated, long-delayed, and high-priced “D-War” (or as it’ll become known in the States, “Dragon Wars”) has proven false, as the film is cleaning up the box office in its native South Korea. The film has already snapped up $20.3 million in only five days of release, and is expected to become a major hit. The film’s box office success is second only to “The Host”, which came out last year.

More from Variety:

Pic has set off a virtual culture war in Korea, with fervant fans waging an internet battle against critics and other viewers who panned the film. English-lingo feature about a giant snake that smashes up Los Angeles will open in the U.S. on September 14 though Freestyle Releasing under the name “Dragon Wars.”

Attention is now being focused on whether mega-budgeted film will actually turn a profit. Budget is cited as $33 million, not including the procural and operation of f/x equipment and screenplay development costs which reportedly push budget to $75 million. Rumors have abounded that distributor Showbox has virtually staked its future on the film’s success.

I’m not sure if “D-War” is going to do that well in the States, but mostly it’ll depend on how many screens the film opens up in, and what kind of PR push it gets ahead of its release.

Even so, it’s results in Korea is still pretty surprising.

D-War Cleans Up Korean Box Office