D-Wars Gets a New Poster and Title — Dragon Wars

Sure, why not. I never did like the title “D-War”. It just sounded too cutesy for its own good. “Dragon Wars” gets right to the heart of the matter — it’s about dragons, and there’s a war (or wars), and stuff blows up real good. Well, you don’t really get the “stuff blows up real good” part from the title, but you definitely get the first two. (And two out of three ain’t bad, kids.) The long-delayed South Korean creature movie is about ancient Korean monsters trying to eat Los Angeles because, as we all know, L.A. is mighty tasty, especially in the Summertime.

New poster and title change comes via Fangoria:

DRAGON WARS stars Jason (THE GRUDGE) Behr, Amanda Brooks and genre vet Robert Forster as the humans dealing with the destructive reappearance of ancient reptilian monsters in Los Angeles; Shim (REPTILIAN) Hyung-rae directed.

“Dragon Wars” opens September 14, 2007.

Here’s a look at the new poster with the new title:

D-Wars Gets a New Poster and Title "” Dragon Wars