Dakota Fanning Confirms New Moon

It’s not official that Dakota Fanning will play the child vampire Jane in the “Twilight” sequel “New Moon”, but let’s face it, if the producers have half a brain (and that’s not completely a given, mind you; we are talking about Hollywood here, you know) they’d cast her in a heartbeat, and according to this LA Times interview, it appears Fanning is enthusiastic about the role. The 15-year old starlet also confirms that it’s not just a wild rumor, it really is happening. And get this, Twilighters: Dakota Fanning admits that she’s only halfway through the first book, and hasn’t even picked up the second book, “New Moon” yet.

Some highlights from the LAT article:

Asked if there was any movement on “New Moon,” Dakota replied, “It’s not 100% for sure yet that I will be doing it, but it’s definitely not like a rumor or anything. It’s definitely a possibility and something I’m excited about.”

Asked if there was any particular scene from the book that she was looking forward to doing, she said, “I don’t know … I just think the character is what I’d be excited about. It’s kind of evil, it’s a vampire, it’s really cool.”

Right now, I’m guessing they’re doing the negotiation dance in the background. Fanning, as much as I find her incredibly creepy (as in, if she showed up at my window unannounced, I’d scream like a little girl and call for my mommy), is one hell of an actress, and who doesn’t think this cherubic faced angel with the soul of a 40-year old Hollywood veteran wouldn’t be perfect as a vampire who looks like a child, but is all dark and evil and gooey on the inside? And yes, I’m pretty sure that’s a compliment.

And the fact that she hasn’t read the book yet? Eh, who reads nowadays? Oh right. You silly Twilight kids and your silly reading habits.