Dakota Fanning is Jane in Twilight: New Moon?

You know, I always knew there was something creepy about little Dakota Fanning. Or maybe it’s just the fact that that she’s been in showbiz for so long that the industry has grind out what “little girl” was in her, so that in almost every role she plays now, Fanning can’t even convince you she’s a tweener, even though, you know, she really is. That’s Hollywood for ya. It’ll suck your soul and leave a shell hooked on meth. Speaking of sucking, the big “Twilight” sequel rumor of the day has Dakota Fanning boarding the sequel as Jane, a ruthless vampire with the cold, dark eyes of a killer. Or some such.

E! Online has your scoop:

I can exclusively report that the 14-year-old child star—she turns 15 on Feb. 23—is in talks to play Jane opposite Robert Pattinson & Co. in New Moon, the upcoming sequel to box office megahit Twilight.

“There were no auditions,” a source reveals. “They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth.”

Jane is a member of Italy’s Volturi, the most deadly group of bloodsucking killers in author Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling series.

In the casting notice we got our hands on earlier this month, Jane is described as a petite blonde with a “Botticelli angel-like face…[and] crimson irises.” While fellow Volturi guards Demetri & Felix “are three times the size of her, they are terrified of her,” the casting notice reads.

Here’s a description of her character from a Twilight wiki:

Jane is slight with short, pale brown hair. She has a rather slim and androgynous figure. She has an angelic face, which is the only thing that keeps her from being mistaken for a boy. She has wide eyes, full lips, and a childlike voice. Her eyes are red/black. Along with her face being angelic, it is also described as being fiercly childlike. She is in her early teen years.

Brilliant casting choice. As I said, even when Fanning was 12, she already had the eyes of a 40-year old Hollywood veteran. Meaning if this casting is true, and taking into account the description of the character, Dakota Fanning may just be the most terrifying creature on screens in 2009.

Below: Don’t let the pigtails fool ya. That’s a coldblooded monster right there, folks.