Damian Lewis Signs up to Front Showtime’s Homeland

Just the other day, I saw promos for the USA Network’s “Fairly Legal” TV show, which just happens to star the gorgeous Sarah Shahi, formerly Detective Dani Reese on NBC’s criminally canceled “Life” cop show. On that show, Shahi co-starred alongside Damian Lewis, who was playing a wrongly convicted cop who gets released from prison and becomes a Zen Detective. It was a great show, and was canceled well before its time. So anyways, USA Network has been promoting “Fairly Legal” pretty hard on their network (the cable net does a wonderful job of getting the word out on their new shows), and I started to wonder whatever happened to her former co-star Damian Lewis?

I know Lewis has been doing a lot of movies lately, much of it in the UK, but he’s returning to the States in a new show called “Homeland” on Showtime. The show is from “24” producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, and will star Lewis as a former prisoner of war who returns home after 8 years in captivity, only to be suspected by the CIA of being a possible terrorist sleeper agent waiting to go batty on the homeland.

Claire Danes will co-star as a CIA agent who gets assigned to Lewis’ character, Marine Sergeant Scott Brody. Her job is to figure out if he’s legit. The show will also co-star Laura Fraser as Brody’s wife, and Lewis’ fellow Brit actor David Harewood as the head of the CIA. Mandy Patinkin is also in the cast.

Production on “Homeland” is set to commence January 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

If you’re keeping track, this will be the second show in which Lewis will be playing a man in uniform who does a harsh stint in prison only to be released back into society. Of course, “Homeland’s” situation is just a little more serious, being all terrorist-involved and such.

Now if only Damian can convince his “Life” buddy Sarah to do a guest spot…