Damian Lewis Will Save us All in Sci-Fi Thriller Alone

Damian Lewis in Homeland TV Series

From all-American WWII war hero to domestic terrorist to hero U.S. astronaut/savior of the human race? Hey, if anyone can do it, it’s Major Dick Winters. Or Sergeant Nicolas Brody. Turns out, it’s the same guy!

“Band of Brothers” star Damian Lewis is set to take the lead in the new sci-fi thriller “Alone” for co-writers/directors Kirk Weddell and Chris Taylor. In the film, Lewis would play a U.S. astronaut who must “save the planet when he is the sole occupant of an orbiting space station.”

Not sure how he’s going to do that, but all this space station/stranded-in-space movies that are cropping up all of a sudden is really interesting. Usually when the movie world starts copying each other, it’s because one movie has made a buttload of money, but that hasn’t really happened here. Weird.

The film is scheduled to shoot in London soon, but sales are already going on for “Alone” over at the Toronto International Film Festival up there north in that snowy place the ancients call Canada.

Lewis, of course, can currently be seen on Showtime’s critically acclaim “Homeland”, now in its third season.

Via : Screen Daily