Hey, Marvel, Anthony Mackie Wouldn’t Mind Playing The Black Panther FYI

Anthony Mackie in Million Dollar Baby (2004) Movie Image

Marvel may or may not be making the Black Panther the lead in one of their future movies without the words Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America in the title, depending on who you ask. But if they were making a “Black Panther” movie, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” star Anthony Mackie would like them to know he’s up for it if they ever wanted to ask him about it. (If, you know, they were actually making the movie in the first place.)

Here’s what he said specifically to the question posed by Hitfix:

Of course, this is standard operating procedure when asked such a question. What is he going to say? “Um, thanks, but no thanks?” Of course he’ll say he’s interested. He needs to keep his options open for all future projects, especially for something as a “Black Panther” movie, which has the potential to set him up for life.

Having said that, I’d love to see him as the Black Panther. Granted, he hasn’t really done a lot of movies that would make him a no-brainer, but if Marvel needed a young African-American actor (he’s 32) with plenty of screen experience, Mackie wouldn’t be such a bad choice. After all, whoever heard of Chris Hemsworth before he landed “Thor”?

Want to see Mackie in action? Here he is doing his thing with Abe Lincoln in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”: