Dammit, Supergirl, The Planet Needs Your Help!

Sarah McCreanor in Girl of Steel Fan Film

With Superman set to team up with Batman in Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman” and save the world from whatever menace shows up in 2015, it makes me wonder — what’s Superman’s cousin Supergirl up to? Apparently she’s locked up in CIA headquarters while someone tries to convince her to help save the world. Or at least, that’s the plot of Vincent Tran’s 5-minute short fan film, “Girl of Steel.” And this girl can fight, too.

Anyways, I’m not entirely sure why the CIA has a Brit in charge of their Save the World division, but hey, I guess it’s a brave new world and all that good stuff. Glad to see that the CIA still employs stock suit monkeys in dark sunglasses, though.

Girl of Steel is a conceptual fan film based on DC Universe/Comics heroine, Supergirl. We wanted to produce a short story that empowers female role models. The Girl of Steel isn’t just a superhero, but a freedom fighter inherited in all young women.

Starring Sarah McCreanor as Supergirl, Jill Louise Penfold as the lady in the suit, and Mike Tribby as the (shadowy) fastest man alive.

Get more at the film’s Facebook page.