Dammit, Warner Bros, Angelina Jolie Doesn’t Want to do Your Damn Film!

Hoping that she’s changed her mind since the last time she bailed on their film, and perhaps feeling less than thrilled with the prospect of their $80 million dollar sci-fi “woman astronaut isolated in space by her little lonesome” movie being fronted by an actress not named Angelina Jolie, Warner Bros. has once again asked Jolie to take the crucial female lead in Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity”.

And once again, the “Salt” actress has turned the role down.

Which, apparently, leaves Warner Bros. and Cuaron (along with Robert Downey Jr., who signed on to play the (minor) male lead a while back) in something of purgatory. Or, er, floating in space without a way home, if you will. Ahem.

With Jolie effectively having said “No” two times, it’s now up to Warner Bros. to go ahead and make the movie with a new actress. That is, if they want to. Word is, Sandra Bullock and Natalie Portman are both in play, though I fail to see how the pint-sized Natalie Portman is going to be all that convincing as an astronaut. Isn’t there a height limit to astronauting? Bullock could work, though.

Based on a script by Cuaron and his son, the “Castaway”-ish “Gravity” is set on a remote space station that goes kaboom, leaving two astronauts, one female (the Jolie role) and one male (the Downey Jr. role) stuck outside, with the woman desperately longing to return home to her daughter.

Besides Portman and Bullock, Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson were said to be the frontrunners to replace Jolie. That is, unless Warner Bros. decides to pull out sans Jolie’s involvement.

Jessica Alba once played a smarty pants scientist. Hey, at least she's taller than Natalie Portman.